Tiny ice luges
"Small" is the word for these ice luges. Most of these luges can even be lifted by one person. And if somebody stands in front of it, then you can't even see it! But these miniature ice luges are much easier to deliver to parties all over the place. For our "World's largest ice luge," there's no moving it to another party. But we're going to build it and the party will come to us!

This little guy is a luge with a porpoise! Team Ice Pro has a purpose too: two world records!


A mini "fleur-de-luge" for a Florida wedding. (Keep an eye out for more fleur-de-lis incorporated into our World Record Ice Luge and Ice Bar!)


A short little tower/wall luge in California; nice try, but not even close!


A pint-sized jukebox luge in Florida. The only way it could match our World Record luge is if it actually played music!


A single shot martini luge. We'll have to see how many shots our amazing ice luge can handle!


A saxy little luge in Florida


A teeny tigertini luge in Cali


A smaller than life horse head luge in Florida